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Friday, January 14, 2011


Before you get scandalized, let me tell you that this post is nothing about my sexual escapades! I would not have thought about writing this had it not been for this 'gentleman' whom I recently 'befriended' in a pub that I frequent. A one-time banker who is now a writer and a film-personality.

Here is a person who brags about being his daughter's role model and how he teaches her moral values to cope up with today's upright society but manages to have 3 mistresses of his own behind his family's back. I feel for the teenage daughter who stays with him. What would be her mental state if she knows that her role-model is sleeping around with unknown women after she goes off to sleep? How would she react if news goes out that her dad is the prompter in the casting couch behind screens?

Is sex everything? Is it enough to cheat your wife/daughter? Is it that big that you push women to end their lives? Is it so great that you, along with 5 others, rape a hapless woman inside a moving car and throw her corpse to the dogs? Moral values are something which India would have been proud about in the former half of the last century. When I see ladies walking on the street today, I search in their eyes for the stories they might have to tell me - about the hardships they went through, about the nudging and eve-teasing and groping and molestations that they may have had to silently undergo without raising a cry. For whom? For what? I see women-empowerment organizations on every street corner which are seldom functional. Why a fiasco?

Think men think! Your mother/sister/wife/daughter are greater than good sex with your mistresses!

*the Troubled Mind is sad*


Red Handed said...

God! This brought back memories. Even i knw someone who has been cheating his wife and the kids absolutely love him.
U wrote exceptionally well. Made me think!

Musings of a Troubled Mind said...

Thanks for taking time out to read Red