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Friday, August 13, 2010

Think Thought "Thunk"

Sitting in my office-cab with no familiar faces to yap with, my troubled mind was musing today about my life. And it realized a few things:

1) I love my mom more than I love God. Yes, I fight with her, I trouble her, I am a pain..but end of it all, she doesn't love anyone like she loves me. And none would be loved by me like I love her.
2) Good food, sound sleep, alcohol and people are the only things needed to make me happy.
3) If something has to go wrong, it will.. Doesn't matter how much you try to save it.
4) There is still a kid living inside the skin of this 23 yr old who is as childish, insecure, who has all the fears of a 5 yr old, who gets excited at the least of things, and who cries about nothing.
5) Positivity is only a mask that you put on. You think you are happy, you are.
6) There is no purer relationship than the one between your mom and you.
7) I cannot fall in love anymore.
8) Emotions are a waste of time.
9) The more the number of people around, the happier I am.
10) This is a question - If you don't sleep the whole night, do you have to brush the next morning? (troubled mind is still musing on this)
11) I strongly abhor someone thanking me. I still do not know how to react to a "Thank you".

Your comments are most welcome,
Troubled Mind...


Red Handed said...

First of all i am gonna burst a bubble here. Being a human that you are, you are prone to make the same mistakes again. Ok maybe not the mistake but u will fall in love again. Hopfully u will have a clear head this time and careful. But then again love is a loosing game. Still enjoying it is wht matters.

Nothing is more pure than a relationship between a mother and a child. I soooo agree. I too wrote a post abt this.

So happy to have stumbled upon ur great blog. Keep writing!

Musings of a Troubled Mind said...

Thanks much for your comment Red. Appreciate it :)