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Friday, December 27, 2013

My Santa My Mom

Belated Christmas wishes y'all. Hope everyone had fun this X'mas with cakes, carols and presents. I did :)

Thanks to Christ Nagar School (Trivandrum) and their pompous X'mas celebration (Christmas Fete) on  the last working day of every December, X'mas always spelt delight an inexplicable joy and a sense of freedom for me. A freedom that probably Jesus experienced during resurrection.

That is not all. The primary happiness was my Santa. My mom.

On the night of 24 December every year, she would say "keep a sock beneath your pillow so that Santa could place your gift in it while you are asleep". I would then ask her 100s of questions: "Where does he come through?", "will you please wake me up if you see him coming? I wanna see him too". She would smile and nod. And on the morning of X'mas, I would find a bar of chocolate, a story book, or anything else that I may have wished for. The sheer mystery of the gifts under my pillow combined with the fact that mom "knew" Santa enthralled me for so many years. During one particular winter when I was down with fever, Santa even gifted me an apple. I ate it and BANG! I was alright :) Mom said Santa knew I had fever. In my eyes, Santa took a place similar to that of God.

Years passed. I grew up. Mom grew tired. Customs were forgotten. But every new year, I would reminisce with the same joy how Santa would place presents that I most wished for. For a long time, I never knew that Santa was right there in my house throughout the year. :)

2013 December 24 Night

Mom:  Wow! It's Christmas already. Time flies.
Me:   Yeah. Remember, how you used to fool me with presents from "Santa".
Mom: Of COURSE! And year after year, you thought it was "Santa" and never knew it was me

Mom, no one could ask for a better Santa than you. I love you.


sarada said...

Wow! loved this piece about'santa'..keep it up..

Red Handed said... I realize...I was my own Santa :(

Musings Of a Troubled Mind said...

Thank you Sarada :)

Musings Of a Troubled Mind said...

Red Handed - Awww!!!