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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb 10, 2006

Friday Feb 10, 2006!! Yeah. That was the day when I actually I realised that I love her!

As usual, I was home from Mangalore on a stolen break from studies. Eating, roaming, chatting,sleeping. Blissful !! And night times were even more fun with so many people simultaneously on yahoo chat. And she was always there. my fav chat buddy with whom i chatted everything in the world. she was perhaps the only one to give an ear to my ravings about my exploits in Mangalore.

Feb 10th 2oo6.. 3 weeks after my 19th b'day.. As usual i log in to chat. We chat..we laugh..we fight..we tease..and then she tells me about this guy who had proposed her. BANG!! NO!! I didn't wanna miss out on this angel at any cost! I mustered up all the guts i had on earth..and said those magical words..yeah. "i love you". Silence. That from her made it all the more intense. Tension built up. She thought i was kidding around, as usual. For a change, i was not. She got the message!

Took her 4 whole months to realize that she loves me too.

3.5 yrs.. Bangalore, Hyderabad, the tag of the "Ideal Couple"..

And then??

Today would have been the 4th anniversary, had we been together. HAD WE.........

What went wrong? where? how? when?

The show must go on, right?

Feb 10th.

Its more important to me today than Valentine's day for lovers world over.

And love? yes..i still do... i cannot stop loving can i? :)

Happy Valentine's day all...


V!n@y said...

Dude!...forget this date...look for a new one :) - Vinay

Anonymous said...

Just happened to read your blog through a source. I must say you write well. With regard to this particular incident, sorry for ur break-up. But, if I'm not wrong you have mentioned in one of your blogs that you spent 5 years in Mangalore, so didn't you find any friend there to give a listening ear to your ravings? And if there was, probably you over-looked that person and what happened here was just pay-back time for you.

Happy Bloggin :)


Musings of a Troubled Mind said...

Hi R,

I realize life has its own way of paying back