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Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 !!

Aahh..2010!! 25 days gone and I am starting my blogging new year now :)
So yeah, RR Donnelley has been such a welcome change in my life so far. So much that I love being in office, being with the people there, being in the busy atmosphere where people have time for nothing except fret about targets and when their coffee breaks are. Drinking sessions are more fun now thanks to Mithun. For that matter Mithun is who keeps me going, who knows when to shut my mouth and when to make me open it for productive use :)
I have left 2009 and the happenings in it far far behind..and some people in it too. Yes, it still bothers me sometimes when I think of them, but its okay. If you don't look back at times, then your going forward doesn't make sense, does it ? Some 'freedom fighters' thought i would never move on, but here I am :)
On the home front, things are same. My good ol' sweeeeeeeet mom. homemade food. With occasional visits from my brother, things look awesome here :)
Nothing great so far.. oohh yes, an awesome trip to Ponmudi last week with my colleagues. Boy, WAS that fun!!

Catch you soon with more updated on 2010. :)

(PS: Did you notice the number of smileys in this blog? yeah, i AM happy :) :) :) )

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