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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


When I was a kid, I used to be amazed at the number of friends my bro used to hang out with. Even now..He just has to touch down and his friends come flying to greet him and take him out. Now isn't that what you call charm? (Wonder if they will find him half as interesting once he's married).

And then when I grew up, it didn't take me long to realise that the charm was not properly passed down in the genes. Some link was missing somewhere. It was evident in the number of pals I had. 2? 3? 4? or should i count 4, 3, 2? anyways, fact is that, then or now, i could count my friends by the fingers on one hand. It's always been like that. Were i too judgmental? or too caring that they felt suffocated? or took too much freedom? NO, no one will say that i took them for granted. NO. i never did or do or will do that! Then again, I am proud of myself in one way. Even when i had a girlfriend, i always found enough and more time for my friends. And its amazing that I have always been known among my bro's friends (mainly cos i look, talk and walk like him)

So yeah..FRIENDS.. I realise that they are everything. Except for movies, i cannot go anywhere else without my friends (It amazes even my mom how i can watch movies all alone). In office, people can hear me shouting "mithun mithun" all the time. Outside I HAVE to have a friend with me..either in person or on phone. Friends are my passion..People for whom I will go to any extent to. And recently i have been making friends with whom i never thought i would have a straight conversation in life. All for the better, they say :) Some think i am good, some say I'm OK, some say i am arrogant, some say i am headstrong... So long as they like me for what I'm, should i change?

But of late, I have begun to like my loneliness too. I don't mind it as much as i used to. I don't crib about the lesser number of pals anymore. In fact I have become comfortable with the limited number i have, cos they ARE the best!!! N hey, I am not entirely too much in love with my loneliness too

Do i have bi-polar disorder? :) Let it be....

I pray to God.. If i have another birth, I wanna be what my brother is in this birth. The charm, the personality, the style, the voice, the looks..everything..just about everything in him...Truly enviable..and the best part is, he thinks i am a better version of him..Hehe..He simply says that to make me happy, i know!

(This is for all those pals of mine who didn't/don't know what they mean to me)


Elma Joyce M. George said...

This is just to say to you that you have been one of the best things that have happened in my life..MY BEST BUDDY....

nipun said...

mmmmm..gud one..good friends happen so slow..

Reaper said...

fuck u buddy!!

Anonymous said...

lol... U know G, your brother def has charm:) but ask him how he manages and he'll tell you that there are times when he just cant be a good buddy all the time coz he just has way too many people in it :)

All it takes is to have your heart in the right place... You'll find people 1 or many and that will amke all the difference :)

Oh by the way some of your bro's charm has rubbed off on you... you're not as charmless as you sound on the blog ;)

- M

Musings of a Troubled Mind said...

Thanks M :)