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Friday, March 16, 2012

You make me complete!

3 AM - "You make me complete"

He woke up with a start. Fatigue had taken over him.  The dim bulb in the corridor was still glowing to show light to no one in particular. May be it was there to make him understand how dim life's chances are at the other side of the door.

He has been patiently waiting since last night for them to come out and give him the verdict. The erudite young man in white coat seemed capable enough. Can he?

He was remembering the day when they first met. They made out even before they confessed their love for each other; such was their passion. They held hands, saw dreams, drew plans and talked. They found warmth in each other's hands.

He dug into his pockets to find enough money to buy her flowers from the hungry-looking girl on the street. It was more for the child than her, he knew. He told her the same while he gave her the flowers. She smiled, smelled the flowers and kissed him. And she turned around, walked up to the little girl who sold flowers and gifted the same back to her with the words, "think of this as a gift from an elder sister".

They held hands and walked happily. Even the stars shone brighter that night.
The dim bulb flashes brightly and fades.. A face emerges from the now open door. His look said it all, "We tried, but could not save her. Sorry!"

Her parents cried loudly. The nurses brought some papers to sign on. After all, he was "the witness".

He started walking. He made her complete. But in between he was left a half-chiseled statue. The words flashed across his eyes. "You make me complete".

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