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Monday, April 13, 2009

Rain @ TVM

From my earlier posts, one may not get the exact picture about how much I love my trivandrum. Let me try... Trivandrum gave me the best years of my life - school, friends, memories, music...LIFE. One thing i always like to associate with this cute li'l city of mine is rains. I've seen rains at different places - Mangalore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kodaikanal.. But not a single one that has the romance to it like the ones in tvm- the rain which can make me sing, dance and cry all at the same time. The fresh smell of wet soil, puddles of mud, people running for shelter from the downpour, hot pakodas deep-frying in road-side eateries, hot "chaaya" in the small teashops, school children with their colourful umbrellas, and the best take a walk in the rain wearing my oldest pair of jeans and teeshirt without a care in the world, getting drenched like anything. During schooldays my mom used to continuously wonder why i got wet despite the umbrella she used to hide inside my bag every morning. During 9th and 10th std, cycling back at 10 in the night drenched in rain through unlit streets was the most wildest and happiest thing i could think of. Cycling in the rain to meet my girlfriend then was hep! And of course the same rains hid my tears any a time - tears of heartbreaks, red inks, fights with parents/friends, dejection, depression...
Rains have this great influence in turning me the romantic that i am today. I assocate rains with music, with violin, with love songs, my old lovestories, school. Rain in tvm turns me on as much as it makes me sad at times. It makes me yearn for those golden days of my life. It makes me want to go back to school just to watch rain from the windows or walk back with the heavy schoolbag all wet and muddy. Again, watching the wet trees and buildings from University college junction humming a Balabhaskar song is still so thrilling..standing on the footboard of a running bus with drizzle on my face is so amazing.. the colour of sky and mood in the air is so fascinating..
Rain brings back some of the darkest memories of my life too..some events i cannot find an explanation to still..
Somehow rain in tvm still holds the same place in my heart as it first did. Here i am back in tvm to the same romantic rains..Rains @ TVM!! :) :) :)

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