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Monday, March 23, 2009

Christ Nagar

Coming from a local "eengleesh midium skoool" called Jawahar Nagar English Medium L P School, Christ Nagar at the first sight was a total dream for me. Its facade was and still is so imposing that it leaves an everlasting impression in the mind of anyone who passes by. A huge fresco of Jesus Christ catches your eye more than anything. The vast assembly ground, the basketball court, the canteen, the book stall, the massive buildings built in an artistic way - what more could a "small-school" boy ask for?? At the first sight everything seemed to be beyond beautiful. But then the fancy had to die down for I had never spoken a full sentence in English in my life till then. How was I to cope up with people who spat English? Well, I slowly learnt.. I had to!! The pinches and kneel-downs meted out by Pramod sir (my English lecturer) did the trick for me :) Years later, I felt so proud speaking to the same person in English and of course I didn't leave before thanking him for teaching me the language. Till 8th std, it was a hazy journey full of red marks, scoldings, basketball (which had become a part of me by then), crushes, heartbreaks, monday-morning-blues n blah blah. Oh.. How could I forget the regular tummy pain during exams and class-tests?? :))
8th std... Haa... The dream year.. Where we actually touched the colours of life. It was a perfect blend of us 50 odd boys and some 10 odd girls.. Where I found the first lady love of my life who didnt last long of course :) Life was a like a movie then! Fights, music, love, heartbreak, friendship, deciet, n on n on n on... Love was in the air then.. School was a place which we used to look forward to going everyday n if possible evenings too. Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Ricky Martin and MTV used to spice up our lives then. For some reason, none of us who were in that class ( 8I - 1999-2000 batch) could find the same zest or zeal in life even in our colleges. Every moment was savoured and cherished.
Looking back now after 9 years, I find that that was perhaps the only year I was happy through n through without any regrets. The year of love - as I named it !

9th and 10th again were uneventful save the cycle rides in rain and early morning tuition classes and more red marks in scoresheets

Whenever someone mentions Christ Nagar now, all that comes to my mind now is the year '99-'00 where i LIVED life in its true sense

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