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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

...and they were friends

They were friends... Good friends... They fought, laughed, cried together and shared their agonies with each other.. They were friends who knew each other like the back of their hands. Good friends.

They were friends, who shared stories about girlfriends, about crushes, about love, about dreams, about aspirations and good times, about beer and parties. They were good friends.

They were friends when he moved on and made better friends and a better life and better surroundings and he was left behind. They were good friends.

They were friends when he was settled and grounded. And had a home to call his own and has his life and his time.

They were friends when he made friends with wine and still spoke every night..

They were friends when he made enemies over wine every night...

They were friends when he fought over wine with his friend..

And....The friend just went ahead..

He waited for his friend every night.. for that one call..without realizing how much his friend had moved ahead

His friend had moved knowing he was the sole friend...still... he had to move..

For... They were brothers......... Brothers!


Red Handed said...

I dint get the ending :(

Musings Of a Troubled Mind said...

Red Handed - Just fiction. :)