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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The pattern follows...

As always, the pattern continues to follow.. Uninterrupted, unperturbed by the changes around! It happens every time. Every single time! Just when everything around seems to go perfectly, the "P" factor comes in, plays its part and leaves.

The last time I was sewing up my life from all corners. I was almost there. Well, almost..!! One corner decided to come off. It was just the beginning (which I came to know 3 months later).
Just as I was enjoying everything in my life now, smiling at everything and everyone, someone up there decided that I don't deserve to smile. I do not deserve to be unencumbered. Its almost like HE said "You got to pay for your smile".

The troubled mind is musing. Musing of an way out again...But this time, where to..??

Some may call it escapism. But I call this my road. My road to freedom. Running away may not help. But there sure is a road ahead.. Let me start my journey again...Hopefully a long uninterrupted one this time

The baggage of the past and the beacon for future is left behind. I will collect them later. For now I wanna live this minute. Like a human being. Without fear, without anger..happy..plain happy!! Leaving behind the dream to be a king, I wanna live like a plain human being.

I am going.. I am not angry with you world. But don't you feel ashamed to let me down like this? Don't you feel for me? I am going....

(BGM:- If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman)


Anonymous said...

Dude, Looks like you're spending too much time on being sorry for yourself and too little time going out and fixing your troubles.

Go give some trouble to trouble so that trouble stops troubling you.

Musings of a Troubled Mind said...